How to make your Iftar memorable

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29 April 2022, 08:29 am

How to make your Iftar memorable

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Fasting is probably one of Ramadan’s most famous rituals. Quenching eternal thirst and healing raging hunger is close to one of the best feelings in the world, but we often do not take full advantage of the opportunities given during Iftar.

Towards the end of the month, Iftar becomes boring and monotonous, removing the excitement of the essentially beautiful moon. Here are some simple tips to make sure each Iftar is as impressive and innovative as possible.

Experiment with the drinks

Having to choose from the same three drinks every sunset can be boring and even frustrating. When the pre-Iftar thirst is at its top, it’s very exciting to know that you have the opportunity to taste an innovative and satisfying drink. You can try different fruit juices during times of Iftar to reduce the boringness of it.

Having a theme

It may be worth exploring Iftar’s routines in different countries around the world and trying to apply them in preparation for imitating your own Iftar. Each country has its own way to break a fast, including various rituals related to the food and drink offered and how to consume the food and drink.

This study not only exponentially improves how Ramadan is celebrated around the world, but also ensures that the whole family can look forward to it when the sun goes down. You experiment with the various foods offered primarily for Iftar.

Try to meet all your food cravings

When you are very hungry, you often face a very irrational but angry craving. Whether it’s a breakfast or meal at noon, staying hungry all day can have a strange effect on the stomach. But having the privilege of being able to meet those desires is a noble feeling. Then it makes a lot of sense to ask everyone who cooks over time about one item that they really want and are trying to satisfy their desires for the day. Trust us, they love you for it and remember it forever. 

Try new recipes

Iftar may have very simple recipes that can be adapted to make it a healthier and more exciting experience. There are many different websites that offer easy ways to change what you traditionally do in Iftar. It should be noted that some changes may not be evaluated, but I am confident that other changes are sufficient to make a unanimous decision in favor of this dish for the next day.

Inviting someone

There is nothing better than inviting your best friend to Iftar to make a healthy and fulfilling meal. Ramadan is about building and developing a loving relationship with each other and having someone will definitely make your Iftar unforgettable. In the midst of everyday life, a hearty meal with a loved one is often the most powerful stress reliever you need.


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