How to use social media in promoting Islam

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23 May 2022, 01:10 pm

How to use social media in promoting Islam

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Establishing cultural values and religious beliefs for the young generation was once considered the only responsibility of the teachers and elderly members of the family.

However, with the rise of social media in recent times, this project of spreading the message of the Quran is now manner greater unchallenging in comparison. The truth is, our world is becoming a worldwide village with humans belonging to different races, religions, cultures and countries.

In spite of the obvious dissimilarities, all of them profess astonishingly comparable ideologies of existence in general. This is exactly why social media proves so powerful in attaining out to the complete global with ease, coaching those Islamic values even as preaching to them the messages of our Holy Prophet.

Here are four ways social media can consistently support the spread of Islam:

Islamic content for everyone regardless of religion

Various websites, social magazines, applications and channels provide easy-to-understand services to promote Islamic awareness. This helps both Muslims and non-Muslims to freely learn the basics of religion. So, you can share Islamic content on your social media handle without concerning about your community on the platform. There is no harm for anyone to get informed about any rituals of other religions.

Easily connect with the best Islamic scholars

We can connect with the best Islamic scholars online via social media from the comfort of our homes. Normally, it is not easy to get connect with the scholars as they are not as free as us. But with the help of social media, one can connect any Islamic scholar they wished. No matter where you come from in the world, there is no limit to broadening your horizons about Islam.

Positive impact on others and vice versa

Social media platforms allow you to influence others, especially non-Muslim people, in a fair manner. We can share short Islamic content with others which may be some motivational verses from the Quran. In addition, anyone can subscribe to or follow Islamic social media pages, websites, and applications aimed at inspiring people.

Larger fundraising opportunities

Finally, there are several platforms available on social media for larger fundraising opportunities that support Islamic principles, such as Zakat and Charity. This prevents the increase in poverty, strengthens the entire community and gives people the opportunity to earn Allah’s rewards in this world and in the future.

The overwhelming majority of Islamic scholars are using the efficiency and effectiveness of social media to spread Islam. Overall, technology had its own challenges, but we can correctly conclude that it actually helped connect with a community of believers around the world.


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