Duty towards neighbors as Muslim

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22 May 2022, 02:47 pm

Duty towards neighbors as Muslim

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Islam directs us to maintain good relationships with our neighbors and set an example for Islamic communities around the world. Indeed, Allah helps those who help His beings.

Our inclusion is most meaningful to those closest to us when we are with them to celebrate their success and happiness. But just as important is to help your neighbors with discretion and integrity when you need them, if not more.

Here are five major responsibilities we have as Muslim neighbors, as depicted in the religion Islam.

To think of their dignity as yours

It is asked to consider their dignity to be our own in Islam. It is severely disliked to despise or ignore our neighbors for their financial condition, work, or education. There is no place for pride in our religion, but it is especially essential to protect the dignity of those around us.

Don’t cause problems in our behavior

We must not interfere with our neighbors’ daily lives and lifestyles solely to satisfy their personal needs and desires. Playing loud audios or having a party at midnight is a prominent example of our wrongdoing in this scenario.

Protecting the property of our neighbors

Stealing from anyone is a reasonably big ‘no’ in Islam. However, as Muslims, we must also protect the assets of our neighbors if we see someone harming them or stealing them. Alongside ours, we have to keep a look at the property of our neighbors.

Sharing our foods with them

Sharing food with our neighbors, whether Muslim or non-Islamic, is emphasized by our Holy Prophet. This not only brings us closer to our neighbors but also helps them when they are having a hard time putting food on the table every day.

Assisting them financially and emotionally

As Muslim neighbors, it is our responsibility to assist those who are closest to us when they need it financially. But it is also our duty as loyal neighbors to uphold their dignity, so it is best to be careful about this. Being emotionally available for them is just as significant, especially when we see our neighbors struggling relentlessly with no shoulder to lean on.


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