What does it mean to surrender to Allah’s will?

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22 May 2022, 11:52 am

What does it mean to surrender to Allah’s will?

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The fact of life is that we are all born to surrender to Allah today or tomorrow. Therefore, we must rely on others to take care of us, keep us warm and healthy, and protect us from all harm.

Of course, in the end, we learn to make independent decisions. After all, our families and parents can only take us before we have to do it ourselves.

But we only realize the harsh reality when we move into adulthood. From the day our life begins to the day we leave everything behind, there is nothing but Allah whom we can ultimately trust.

Countless people come and go from our lives. But the only person who never leaves us in any situation in life, and the only person we always turn around without hesitation, is Almighty Allah.

This concept is very similar to ‘Tawakkul’ which means having complete faith and trust in Allah’s plans and being completely dependent solely on Allah in all aspects of life.

As humans, we tend to forget that the joys, sorrows, and achievements of life are all short-term. True dedication requires effort, so we quickly lose the person who created everything from the equations of life.

But it is important to remember that without his blessing there would be nothing in life. So the question is, what does it mean to completely surrender to Allah’s will and how can it be put into practice in real life?

The answer to this can be divided into three parts:

Acceptance of our surroundings

The first key to surrendering to Allah’s will is to accept our surroundings. When we embrace the reality and morality of life, it becomes much easier to let us release, let go and move on to what is preventing us from achieving more.

In other words, accepting that all we see and experience in this world is temporary. It will greatly help us to regain our faith in the hereafter and our desire for Jannah.

Trust in Allah’s plan

After acceptance comes to trust. Trust in Allah naturally comes to us when we accept that our destiny is in the hands of the One who’s the most creative planner of all.

When this trust is gained, Allah blesses us with so many good things in this world and in the Hereafter that we cannot understand them ourselves.

Never letting things be

Finally, surrendering to Allah’s will means taking the responsibility of making focused decisions and performing faithful deeds.

It is important to remember that surrendering to Allah does not mean that we should stop trying to improve our situation and wait for Him to do something about it. Instead, it means taking a legitimate initiative, believing that what will happen in the end is because Allah wanted to do so. In fact, even a single leaf will not move until Allah allows it.


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