Ways to bring ‘Barakah’ in our life

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21 May 2022, 04:51 pm

Ways to bring ‘Barakah’ in our life

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In the fast-paced world, we live in today, time always seems to slip off our fingers, relationships keep turning sour and we don’t have enough money to fulfill our demands.

Basically, we are missing ‘Barakah’ in our lives. Barakah is an Arabic word that stands for ‘abundance of goodness’ and stability in life.

It seems that sometimes things go wrong, but the key to regaining this essential element of life and returning Barakah to its original place is always to remain in your faith. Here’s how we can increase Barakah in our life in 11 easy ways:

Relying only on Almighty Allah

First of all, when we consider Allah to be our only Guardian and seek guidance from Him and put full trust in Him, He keeps that trust intact and it does not burden us more than we can tolerate.

Halal earnings

Of course, if you move away from the halal earning and forbidden ways of making money, Allah will snatch ‘Barakah’ from your life. So, you have to focus on halal earning mostly to get ‘Barakah’ from Allah in your life.

Being honest in public dealing

Keeping yourself honest when handling business transactions with others is a very beloved act of Allah. This action will surely bring Barakah for you.

Avoid excessive spending

Allah does not bring Barakah back to life for those who overspend and look at material things. But it’s never too late to repent and seek His forgiveness. Indeed, Allah never turns His back on those who turn to Him and seek forgiveness.

Give charities and feed the poor

Remembering the poor and helping them when needed is also an effective way to regain Barakah in life. As a result, what we give to others, such as alms, Allah returns to us in various unknowing ways.

Be grateful for what you have

One of the potentials of successful Muslims is that they have infinite gratitude for everything they have in life. When they strip their soul clean of pride and ego, Allah will give them more than they can even imagine.

Seek Allah’s forgiveness regularly

If you seek Allah’s forgiveness in all situations and make a genuine effort to act according to His guidance in the future, Allah will never disappoint you.

Reflect upon the verses of the Quran

Another way to bring Barakah to life is to recite the Holy Quran with meaning every day, even if just a couple of verses you read every day.

Have meals with Family

One of the most neglected acts of increasing Barakah in life is having our daily meals with family. When one sits with their family and shares food in one place, it pleases Allah and He rewards His beings with innumerable blessings in return.

Say ‘Bismillah’ before starting anything

Calling the name of Allah and saying ‘Bismillah’ before starting any sort of work. It is one of the best ways to ensure we have His presence by our side while performing any task.

Wake up early in the morning

Allah loves those who get up early in the morning, pray Salat-al-Fajr and start the day without delay. Therefore, when we start the day early, the Almighty adds Barakah to our time and we have enough time to complete all the tasks without objection.


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