History and major Islamic events of Shawwal

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18 May 2022, 12:26 pm

History and major Islamic events of Shawwal

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The month of Shawwal is very significant in the Islamic calendar for several reasons.

Let’s have a look at the importance of the month and some notable Islamic events in the month.

1. The month of Shawwal starts with a bang as Eid-ul-Fitr takes place on the first day of the month. This is the day when Muslims gather to celebrate the special day together after the end of Ramadan and thank Allah for all that He has bestowed on His creations.

2. The battle of Uhud began on the 7th of Shawwal, which is the second most important war in Islamic history.

3. The Battle of Hunain was also held in the month of Shawwal. This battle was personally led by the Messenger of Allah - the great Prophet Muhammad and fought on the route from Mecca to Taif.

4. Aisha (RA) also married the Holy Prophet Muhammad in Shawwal, making it one of the best months for an Islamic marriage.

5. Imam Bukhari was born on the 13th of Shawwal. He was a Persian Islamic scholar who edited the hadith collection known as Sahih al-Bukhari. This is one of the most authentic hadith collections to date.

6. The 25th Shawwal is the day of the martyrdom of Imam Jafar as-Sadiq (RA).

Therefore, the importance of the month can be learned from the fact that a 6-day fast in Shawwal is equal to earning the rewards of fasting every day throughout the year.


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