Let’s make Dua according to Sunnah

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17 May 2022, 02:22 pm

Let’s make Dua according to Sunnah

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We often find ourselves in trouble making a sincere dua. Whether you are conversing with Allah in general or asking to fulfill your heart's desires.

Here are some etiquettes and Sunnah you can follow to make your dua more effective:

Perform Ablution (Bukhari: 6383)

Performing Ablution (Wudhu) will help you to get into the right state and mindset for conversing with Allah.

Face the Qiblah (Bukhari: 1023)

Facing the Qiblah is not obligatory while making Dua. However, as our Prophet Muhammad would face the Qiblah sometimes, it’s Sunnah.

Raise your hands (Abu Dawood: 1488)

The great Prophet said, “Verily, your Lord is generous and shy. If His servants raised their hands to Him (in supplication), He would become shy to return them empty.”

Call upon Him (Bukhari: 6384)

The Almighty Allah is always very close to us. So, call upon Him in a humble way with fear. 

Praise Allah and His Prophet (Tirmidhi: 3477)

Start making your dua by praising Allah and sending prayers upon the Prophet. 

Convey your hopes

Inverse or convey your desires in a modest way.

Say ‘Ameen’ (Abu Dawud: 938)

Always try to complete your dua with ‘Ameen’.


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