How to involve your child in performing Salah

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14 May 2022, 12:00 pm

How to involve your child in performing Salah

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Most parents become anxious after their child turns seven years old, yet little ones are not yet accustomed to praying for Salah on a regular basis.

Following the instructions of Islam, children must start praying regularly from the age of seven. Therefore, it is the parent’s responsibility to have their children observe Salah with love.

Recognizing the importance of this obligation, there are five tips for parents to help their children develop this habit on a strong foundation.

Display prayer times that everyone can see

Multiply a prayer time chart at your home or create a DIY board with the help of your little kids. This shows them the importance of Salah and punctual prayer from an early age.

Try to be digital

It’s a digital age where children pick up from their parents’ virtual lifestyle. Your children have followed your daily activities of yours with your smartphone or laptop at home. So, download some Islamic app that reminds you of your prayer duties through notifications. Soon enough, your children will observe it and subconsciously learn the significance of Salah in daily life.

Put your child in charge

Children love being in charge. You can use this to your favor in way of means of assigning them the venture of reminding family members while it’s time to pray. This will assist them to set up a sturdy feeling of obligation and addiction to looking at Salah on time.

Turn Salah into time for family bonds

You should have set up a plan to pray at least one Salah together as a family daily. You will soon realize that it will be the time your child is looking forward to. In addition, it may be the time you can connect with them later to strengthen your connection.

Surprise them with prayer accessories

Kids love when gifts are included. When you start presenting them with prayer rugs, hijabs, misbaha, or other prayer accessories, they count seconds until they are ready to offer the next Salah.

Every child is different. You may need to tweak some tips here and there to suit your child's behavior and needs, but they are still effective in making Salah an important part of their lives.


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