Understanding true meaning of Ramadan

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07 May 2022, 01:06 pm

Understanding true meaning of Ramadan

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Ramadan is the longest and highly cherished of the five pillars of Islam around the world. We Muslims are expected to refrain from food, drink, secular obligations and desires during fasting.

But is it all about Ramadan? Absolutely not. The act of abstention itself reveals a wave of goodness hidden within all of us.

At some point, you must have felt something about the spirit of Ramadan that attracts us all as one Muslim Ummah. There is a calm atmosphere throughout the month when people put the sins of the past behind them and try to do the good that Almighty Allah expects from us.

It’s like opening a new leaf. The month of Ramadan offers a new start every year. According to Abu Hurairah (RA), “Anyone who prayed at night during the month of Ramadan, from sincere faith, and in the hope of reward from Allah, is forgiven of all his past sins.” Sahih Bukhari: 2008

In addition to new opportunities in life, the spirit of Ramadan is to forgive, care for each other and remember a little more with the Almighty.

Reconnect and seek forgiveness

First and foremost, by refraining from worldly material needs and desires, we can connect with Allah much more easily. This month is important not only for Muslim Ummahs around the world but also for Allah, who hid a wonderful treasure on the last ten nights of the month, the night of Qadr.

For this reason, the month of Ramadan, especially the last 10 nights, is a great opportunity to reunite with Almighty Allah. Talk to the Almighty, pray to Him, and read the Quran devotedly.

Practicing self-discipline

Temperance opens the way for you to control your actions and thoughts. Be humble to others during the month of Ramadan. Sometimes it’s easy to get frustrated, but the Ramadan spirit wants something else. Muslims should maintain peace within themselves and with the people with whom they interact. Not only does God love those who fulfill his obligations to him, but he also loves those who refrain from cheating.

Spreading Kindness in Ramadan

Ramadan allows you to feel the pain of your brothers and sisters who cannot even meet the most basic human needs. One should keep an eye on the people around him and focus on the luxury Ifter for the people who deserve it most, not for himself. Hungry neighbors, beggars, poor children, hard-working poor guys, anyone who you can help out, you should. Ramadan is a month of sharing, and if you can help alone, Ramadan’s purpose will be achieved.

Therefore, fasting is the basis of the month of Ramadan, but the spirit of Ramadan is more than a mechanical act of refraining from food and other desires. Remember that to get the most out of Ramadan, it’s a great opportunity to reconnect with the Almighty Allah. Going back to these basics, we find the true purpose of fasting and the beautiful and holy moon we have been waiting for.


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