Tips for a working Muslim in Ramadan

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26 April 2022, 02:47 pm

Tips for a working Muslim in Ramadan

The month of Ramadan not only opens the door to countless blessings and rewards but also gives every believer the opportunity to establish a deep connection with Allah and achieve a high level of spirituality. Hence, it is one of the most awaited months for all Muslims around the world.

However, nowadays with extremely busy work schedules, it is difficult to make the most of the month of Ramadan. Despite many efforts, in the end, a person spends more time on working hours or household chores than taking care of one’s spiritual needs.

Here are some tips to make Ramadan the best you’ve ever had and reap the maximum benefits of the holy month:

Plan ahead and set goals

Before you start Ramadan, set your personal goals and think about how you want to tackle your spiritual obligations. For example, set a goal of how many times you want to complete the Quran chapter or how many times you want to recite the entire Quran in a month. Once that’s done, split the task into pieces. Allows you to set the number of pages you need to read each day to reach your goal. You can set goals such as Dhikr, Duas, and additional prayers. Set realistic goals and don’t be too ambitious.

Disable distractions

If you spend a significant amount of your day browsing on social media forums, we recommend that you temporarily disable your account. In this way, you can spend your browsing time on things that are more mentally productive, such as reading aloud in Dhikr, Dua and Quran.

Be sure to pray on time

You need to assure that you have some designated time for each and every mandatory prayer in a day. Fix approximately 5-10 minutes for each mandatory prayer and perform it on time. Don’t delay them. One of the most spiritual acts in front of Allah is punctual prayer. 

Engaged in Istighfar

Allah loves those who engage in constant ‘Istighfar’ - constant repentance. One of the best things you can do in Ramadan is to repent of your sins in search of Allah’s mercy. Ramadan is a blessed month in which the gates of communication and mercy are opened by Allah. Say ‘Astaghfirullah’ as often as possible while working in your office or doing your household chores.

Narrated by Ibn’ Abbas, The Messenger of Allah said, “If anyone continuously asks forgiveness (from Allah), Allah will assign for him a way out of every grief and a relief from every anxiety, and will provide sustenance for him from where he expects not.”

Engage in Dhikr during tasks

Dhikr is one of Allah’s most loved forms of worship and it’s really easy to fit into your busy schedule. Just write down or memorize some verses of the Quran or other azkaars and do dhikr in any free time between your daily tasks. For example, if you’re driving to work or shopping and have a 15-20 minute journey in between, use that time to engage in dhikr. You can even use the break between business meetings or allot a few minutes after prayer.


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