How to set realistic Ramadan goals

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26 April 2022, 01:01 pm

How to set realistic Ramadan goals

It is clear that all Muslims across the world want improvement in each and every sector of their life during Ramadan. Many of us set goals, but give up in the middle of the month or earlier. Goals cannot be easily achieved and valuable opportunities can be missed until appropriate action is taken.

The measures below will help to better implement targeted strategies not only in Ramadan but also in the coming months. 

Make a list of desired accomplishments

Write down all your goals on a piece of paper. The list can include goals and tasks such as reciting the entire Quran, staying consistent with the Tahajjud, refraining from offensive words etc. It is important to list everything in order of importance and estimate the time it will take to achieve them. However, it turns out that not all goals have a time limit.

Create a daily to-do list

The daily to-do list turns your desired goals into an action plan. Weekday and weekend schedules are different, so you can create two. It can also be classified according to the three Ashrahs. This list must be specific. For example, if your goal is to recite the entire Quran in Ramadan, read a specific number of pages at a particular time of the day.

Make a modified list with discrepancies

The schedule may not work and needs to be adjusted. But that’s not an excuse to give up completely, not to stop everything. If you find something that isn’t optimal, you’ll have to go back and rethink your plan.

Make it easy for yourself to achieve goals

For example, if you wake up in time for Tahajjud on time, place a prayer mat, appropriate clothing material and tasbeeh near your bed and sleep on time at night. If you wake up late, you won’t wake up early, so be prepared for your goals.

Regular assessment

Spend a few minutes each night writing and think about whether you are heading in the right direction and how to make room for further improvement. In this way, you can keep track of what you will continue to work on the next morning and monitor yourself efficiently. There are always days when you’re not feeling well and you’re not productive. Through evaluation, you can prevent this from becoming a pattern and not miss the opportunity of Ramadan.


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