How to maintain the Ramadan spirit throughout the year

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24 April 2022, 04:02 pm

How to maintain the Ramadan spirit throughout the year

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Everyone knows that one of the purposes of Ramadan is to develop Taqwa. Ramadan is like training time for us. Therefore, we should strive to follow this rhythm all year round.

Generally, it takes about 21 days to form a habit. Therefore, after 30 days of Ramadan, we should aim to carry on everything we learned that month for the rest of the year. There are three ways to maintain the spirit of Ramadan after Ramadan is over.


Dhikr is an important part of maintaining a connection with Allah. It not only helps you get great rewards but also gives you the mental strength you may lack in your daily life. Consider giving thanks and praise to Allah’s myriad graces by saying ‘Alhamdulillah’ and ‘SubhanAllah’.

Experience how the Dhikr makes you feel better and harmonizes with your spiritual commitment. Try to recite a part of the Holy Quran every day. Making dua is also beneficial to your soul as it acts as a positive affirmation. After the Adhan, practice obligatory prayer or pray to the Almighty whenever you feel you need to connect with the most graceful. Sometimes asking for forgiveness also ensures that you stay on track and do not succumb to worldly distractions. 


We all know that Islam is more than just praying, giving Zakats, and reciting the Quran in Arabic. Our deen has a sea of knowledge that is open to everyone and welcomes anyone to learn and seek information that was previously unsolicited. The pursuit of knowledge about our faith is not limited to one month. It is a lifelong commitment to Allah. Also, the curiosity of wanting to know more and deepen the affairs of Allah and the Prophet Muhammad is part of Islam.

Perhaps take the ‘Tafseer’ (detailed interpretation of the Quran translation) course to understand the Quran. You can also attend online lectures where you can meet like-minded people and gain knowledge at the same time. Expanding your consciousness is a continuous process that requires consistency and determination on your part.


Taqwa is to avoid disobedience to Allah and to keep refraining from doing what Allah forbids us. From lying or accusing to not engaging in sinful activities such as premarital relationships, Taqwa teaches you the right way to live. You can limit your association with people who encourage behavior prohibited by Islam. In addition, you can avoid watching shows or listening to songs that evoke sinful thoughts in your heart. Another important part here is to focus on Salah and make time during the busiest hours.

The Prophet Muhammad stated that “The first act of a human is held accountable for on the day of the resurrection will be Salah. If it turns out to be perfect, he will be safe and successful. But if it is incomplete, he will be unhappy and a loser.” At-Tirmidhi

Apart from that, sometimes try to fast voluntarily. It not only cleanses your body but is also a great source of motivation for you. These may be the fasting of Shawwal and the fasting observed in Muharram. Monday and Thursday fasts are considered the Prophet Muhammad’s Sunnah and are said to bring great mental and health benefits.


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