Get your body ready for Ramadan

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16 April 2022, 05:37 pm

Get your body ready for Ramadan

Fasting is the mandatory worship in the holy month of Ramadan. If anyone plans to fast for the whole month, it is necessary to prepare the body properly.

These five effective tips will help you to prepare your body for fasting during Ramadan:

Reducing sugar and salt intake

Reducing sugar and salt consumption on the eve of Ramadan helps you fight cravings. In addition to reducing hunger, reducing salt and sugar intake also helps you lead a much healthier lifestyle.

Reduce caffeine intake

Reducing caffeine intake in advance gives you fewer headaches during the month of Ramadan.

Drink more water

Increasing your water intake at least a week before Ramadan is also helpful as it keeps your hydration levels in check throughout the fasting month.

Cut down on junk food

We all love a good snack during the day. Our body is used to getting three meals a day with other occasional snacks. By cutting back on snacks beforehand, you prepare your body to fast for many hours during Ramadan.

Fix your sleeping habit

Finally, try setting your alarm a little earlier each day so that changing your Ramadan routine is much easier for you and you don’t feel sleep deprived, especially during the daytime.


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