Ways to be charitable during Ramadan

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16 April 2022, 12:38 pm

Ways to be charitable during Ramadan

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Muslims across the world observe the holy month of Ramadan with passion and joy. During Ramadan, Muslims tried to revive their Iman and purify their souls by engaging in long hours of worship exclusively for Allah.

Ramadan is an embodiment of spiritual and physical adoration to purify you from evil while experiencing the misfortunes of the poor. It is a reminder to the followers of Islam that if Allah blesses them abundantly, they should be ready to share Allah’s blessings with their brothers and sisters. By establishing this basic pillar, Islam asserts that no Muslim can go hungry if the Ummah is unified.

Here’s how you can give charity during Ramadan in five different ways. These small actions can help you earn an eternal home in heaven.

Help those who can’t afford Sehri and Iftar

Pay attention to those around you who work hard and don’t have enough resources to perform Sehri and Iftar. They may be ordinary workers far from their families, working alone in the city to support their loved ones. These people may not have time for Sehri or Iftar. Finally, be sure to include them in your happiness during the month of Ramadan.

Help those who prepare food for you at home

Please be careful with the women in the house. They were not supposed to prepare food for Iftar and Sehri. Give an extra helping hand to them. Men are built to be tough, but be sure to help your mother, wife and daughter in preparing food for you.

Don’t mock those who cannot fast

Some people, such as manual workers, may not be able to fast because of their hard work. The construction work in a hot environment results in huge water loss. It is very difficult to fast in these cases. Be comfortable with them and do not condemn them for not fasting. It is a matter of belief. You can give the cold water bottles to beat the heat while they work during the day in the sun.

Remember your underprivileged brothers on Eid

Save every day for Eid and give this money to the needy at the end of the month. They have equal rights to wear new clothes and enjoy the end of this holy month. Be sure to join them for your pleasure.

Instead of wasting food, share your meal with others

Finally, try to give Iftar to as many people as possible. The excessive food that is mostly thrown away, if shared, could be someone else’s meal. With proper planning and management, you can make a lot of money sawing and correcting your mistakes.


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