How to engage your children with the love of Ramadan

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12 April 2022, 02:14 pm

How to engage your children with the love of Ramadan

Ramadan is a month in which we all desire to spend quality time with our loved ones. However, it becomes a bit difficult for parents living in non-Muslim countries to get their children involved in the festivities of Ramadan.

Their little children are used to watching Western glittering festivals take place year-round, including Christmas, Easter, and Halloween. Therefore, when they don’t get the chance to witness the true colors of Ramadan as we often do in Muslim countries.

In these circumstances, parents have to play a vital role to change the mind of their children about Ramadan and get them more excited about this month’s festivities.

Once the little children understand their parent’s enthusiasm for the month of Ramadan, it doesn’t take long for them to imitate and fall in love with this holy month. For example, here are five things for parents to inspire their children to love Ramadan and be excited about it in the upcoming years:

Welcome Ramadan together

Children love to feel involved when decisions are being made. And this naturally motivates them to be more involved in the process from the very beginning. The best way to make Ramadan easier for your kids is to welcome the month together by doing small activities around the house. You can start by decorating your home with Ramadan-inspired lights and even let your kids choose the menu and help in the kitchen as they prepare for Sehri and Iftar.

Learning through stories

Another thing that all children are fond of good stories. For parents, spending time with Ramadan-themed stories is a great way to share the meaning of this holy month with children while they stay engaged and wanted to learn more.

Set exciting goals and rewards

Similarly, keeping things fun and rewarding for kids is key to engaging them in Ramadan activities. You can give your little ones a notebook to set their goals, which can range from waking up for the Sehri at least once a week to reading a page of the Holy Quran every day. Once these goals are achieved, you can reward them for their good deeds as you see fit.

Pray and have Iftar together

The month of Ramadan is a time to create new family memories. It is essential that we work to make connections during this month that will last a lifetime. Getting into the habit of praying and having Iftar together can be the first step in finding little things to do with your kids that make them feel involved.

Bring some arts and crafts

Finally, if your child enjoys doing arts and crafts with you, there’s nothing better than taking card supplies out of the box to make Ramadan and Eid for all family members. You can even work together to create a few home decorations that you can piece together at Eid time.

By following these five steps, you can certainly make Ramadan a memorable time for your children. May Allah accept our work in this holy month of Ramadan and cover us all with His blessings.


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