How to engage with the Quran in Ramadan

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03 April 2022, 12:02 pm

How to engage with the Quran in Ramadan

We are so lucky that Almighty Allah has given us the opportunity to witness another Ramadan in our lifetime. Now it’s our responsibility to get the best use of the holy month.

The best outcome of the month will only come when we will be able to spend the month in devotion to Allah. For this, we need to increase our engagement with the Quran, prayer and other worship for the satisfaction of Almighty Allah.

The month of Ramadan is that in which the Quran was revealed by the Almighty Allah as a guide to all Mankind. So, this month is the most appropriate time for us to go for more engagement with the Quran. Let’s have a look at some steps which will help us to engage with the Quran:


Reciting as much as possible; each letter you recite is ten rewards and this is a normal time, imagine how the rewards will be multiplied during Ramadan. Your recitation is the worship of your voice and it is very important for being professional and proficient in recitation. Because the hadith tells us that someone who is professional and skillful will have a great reward scored with the angels but who stutters and finds it difficult, there will be two rewards, one for recitation heart and a reward for perseverance and patience.

Listen to the Quran 

There are many ways to listen to the Quran. We need to start practicing listening to the Quran, especially in this month of Ramadan. In times of technological advancement, it is very easy for all of us to listen to the holy Quran than ever before. So, we have to focus on listening Quran this month.

Memorize some new chapters

In times of Ramadan, you will find your mind fresher and more receptive to the chapters and you will also develop a special relationship with the chapters associated with memories and experiences that you have been through. So, it is the best move for you to go for memorizing some of the new chapters that you didn’t know before.

Reflect on the Quran to apply it

Reflection is not just saying ‘wow’ to the beauty and power of verses but finding our ways to make it relevant and applicable in our lives. Always emphasize quality over quantity during Ramadan to find the strongest possible way to apply it in our lives. So make time for quality reading and also time for quantity recitation because this special season with multiplier rewards is something you don’t want to miss.


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