Foods to avoid for High Cholesterol

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16 March 2022, 02:43 pm

Foods to avoid for High Cholesterol

If your diet is adequate, you do not have to worry about the risk of chronic disease. However, sometimes we cannot resist the palatability of certain foods and sometimes we are not fully aware of the ingredients of the food and we make unfortunate mistakes like put at risk of developing health complications. 

High cholesterol is one of the health complications directly related to a poor diet. To avoid high cholesterol, you have to be concerned about these foods:

Red meat 

Red meat has always been considered bad for cholesterol and people with high cholesterol levels are often advised not to eat red meat. Beef, pork and lamb are often high in saturated fat. Cut meats like burgers, ribs, pork chops and roasts have the highest fat content. However, don’t worry, you don’t have to avoid meat completely, just eat it occasionally.

Processed meat 

Experts asked not to eat processed meat, especially for patients with high cholesterol. Processed meat often uses up the fat in the meat and is therefore extremely high in cholesterol and saturated fat, which is bad for heart health in people who already have high cholesterol. While experts suggest some healthier alternatives to processed meats, they’re not cholesterol-free either. So, you have to avoid processed meat to be on a safe side against high cholesterol.

Baked foods 

To many people, cookies and cakes are the most delicious things that have ever existed on this planet. From children to the elderly, everyone loves to eat these sweet treats, be it a snack or a dessert. Experts have warned that the amazingly high amount of butter, fat and sugar is not beneficial for the human body and especially for those who already have high cholesterol levels in their blood, it will create an air disaster.

Fried food 

Many people can’t help but enjoy deep-fried foods. Experts have also warned against eating fried foods, as frying increases the energy density or calorie count of the food. Experts suggest using an air fryer or using healthy oils to fry foods.


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