How to control anger

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10 March 2022, 01:41 pm

How to control anger

Shoulders get tightened, breathing quickens and chin tightens are the signs of anger for any human. A person can be angry for different reasons in daily life but the ways to get relief from the anger are not familiar to all of them. 

Anger management is very important in that situation to calm down. The pattern of communication is also responsible for dealing with anger. You need to take new strategies to lock down your anger and keep it core in the long run.

Practicing Relaxation

When you noticed any sign of anger, take frequent deep breaths in and out. Inhale slowly through your nose and then gradually exhale through your mouth. Progressive muscle relaxation would be another factor to ease your tension. It is an effective technique for bringing awareness to tension and relieving it.

Express Anger

The acknowledgment of anger is the best way to get relieved from it. If you express the reason for anger, then you will feel free and relaxed. However, the way of expressing anger should have a safe and controlled way. Considering the situation and environment, express your anger in the right way to the right person which will help you to get relief from it.

Change Communication Pattern

If you are in a situation where expressing your anger may be inappropriate, such as at school or work, consider taking a timeout. Use the time to gather strength and control your anger before saying something you’ll regret later. In this time, you can guide yourself to think before speaking and remind yourself to stay cool.


Studies showed that meditation can dramatically lower cortisol levels, which is the main factor that triggers stress. Meditation will guide one to control anger and keep calm. So, in times of anger, this would be another solution to keep oneself cool and calm. There are several types of meditation, including walking meditation, mindfulness meditation and mantra meditation, one can do properly to keep them calm and cool down.


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