How to meditate and calm down

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09 March 2022, 03:48 pm

How to meditate and calm down

A study published in 2013 in Thailand’s premier medical journal revealed that meditation can dramatically lower cortisol levels, which is the main factor that triggers stress. According to the researchers, meditation will guide one to control anger and keep calm.

There are several types of meditation you can do, but some of them can help you calm down when you are angry or tense. For example, in times of anger, you can’t even imagine sitting down to meditate, then walking would be a form of meditation for you. Besides, you can also try mindfulness or mantra meditation in times of anger.

Walking Meditation

One can start walking meditation at any time while walking to school or office. However, for newcomers, it is best to choose a specific place where they will be able to walk without encountering traffic. The most important thing is to keep oneself safe while walking. The walking meditation is very effective in reducing anger and keeping calm and relaxed. Before walking, you have to determine the distance of the path you start to walk.

Mindfulness Meditation

You can meditate anywhere, but it will be easier to focus if you can find a quiet place where you can stay alone. If you wish, you can meditate in the bedroom or even outside. It will be better if you set a timer in times of your meditation. This is not a must but it can help you to focus fully without worrying about the time to meditate. A comfortable sitting position and a specific intention will boost you to focus on the meditation.

Mantra Meditation

There is no need to perform mantra meditation in the traditional way, such as sitting with your eyes closed. Mantra meditation can be performed wherever you are or whatever you are doing. Before you begin meditation, take a few minutes to examine your thoughts. You have to choose word, phrase or sound as a mantra that helps you to become relaxed.


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