How to get thick eyebrows

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05 March 2022, 11:55 am

How to get thick eyebrows

If your thick brows are back with bangs and you’re still showing off your brows, it’s high time to grow them. Growing eyebrows is easy, but some women face great challenges due to poor hair growth. But here are some simple tips to help you grow your eyebrows easily.


The simplest way to thicken your eyebrows is to message the brows with any sort of oil like olive, coconut or almond. Regular massage with these oils is great for hair growth.

Tend to Brows

Eyebrows take an extensive amount of time to grow. To get full growth, stay away from tweezers and razors for at least 12 weeks. Use a spoolie brush and prepare them in the hair direction every day. Once you are satisfied with the growth of the eyebrows, you can shape them using a plucker or thread.


The areas near your brow need to stay hydrated and nourished. Use some petroleum jelly to lock the moisture. You can apply this 2-3 times a day to endorse hair growth.

Egg Whites

Egg incorporates protein, which enables to uphold hair increase and nourishes hair follicles. Beat white egg and practice this answer for 20 minutes.


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