Google celebrates Earth Day with a ‘Doodle’

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22 April 2021, 12:10 pm

Google celebrates Earth Day with a ‘Doodle’

Google’s ‘Doodle’ to mark Earth Day

Search engine giant Google marked the 51st Earth Day with an animated graphic video doodle.

In this video, Google tried to highlight the importance of trees and how a tree can provide us shade and build a bright future for the earth.

The special animated video shows how a small tree is keeping the environment alive with shade all around.

The short video shows a woman planting a tree and the sapling is turning into a huge tree over the ages. Then the woman is passing another sapling to a child of the next generation. That sapling is also turning into a big tree after planting. In this way, the earth became greener than ever before.

However, Earth Day was first observed in 1970. US Senator Gelard Nelson introduced the day.

The day was observed internationally in 1990 on 22nd April every year. More than 193 countries across the world now observe this day organized by Earth Day Network.

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