How to play a video in a Zoom meeting

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17 February 2022, 03:18 pm

How to play a video in a Zoom meeting

The number of in-person meetings has been decreased across the world amid the coronavirus pandemic as everybody tried to avoid public gatherings as a precaution measure against the virus.

Following this, virtual meetings got popular in almost all sorts of communication. Zoom meeting has become popular in the meantime as official activities, academic classes, training and workshop are being done by it.

In the Zoom meeting, you can share a video from your computer with other participants. Let’s have a look at the steps to share your screen to play a video:

1. Join or create a Zoom meeting

2. Open the video in another application or window

3. Click the ‘share screen’ button in your Zoom meeting

4. Click the window or application containing your video

5. Click the ‘share’ button to share


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