Getting a MRT Pass Card in Bangladesh : A Detailed Guide

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08 November 2023, 03:23 pm

Getting a MRT Pass Card in Bangladesh : A Detailed Guide

The Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system in Dhaka, Bangladesh aims to ease traffic congestion and provide a faster, more convenient mode of public transportation in the capital. The MRT connects key areas of Dhaka through an elevated and underground rail network.

To use the MRT system, passengers need to obtain a MRT pass card. This reusable smart card allows quick and cashless access through the fare gates at MRT stations. Here is a detailed guide on how to get a MRT pass card in Bangladesh, including the costs and application process.

Types of MRT Pass Cards

There are several types of MRT pass cards available for different types of travelers:

  • Single Journey Pass Card: This disposable paper-based card is for infrequent travelers who only need to take the MRT once in a while. It allows one-time access and must be purchased at the ticket counter before entering fare gates.
  • Stored Value Pass Card: This reusable plastic card can be topped up with stored value and used for multiple journeys. It offers discounted fares compared to single journey tickets.
  • Monthly Pass Card: This offers unlimited travel for 30 consecutive days and is ideal for daily commuters. It offers the best value for frequent travelers.
  • Concession Pass Card: This offers discounted fares to eligible groups like students, seniors, and persons with disabilities. Supporting documents must be provided.
  • Commemorative Pass Card: Special edition cards released to commemorate events or occasions. These have limited edition designs but offer the same functionality as regular pass cards.

How to Apply for a MRT Pass Card

To apply for a MRT pass card, travelers can visit any of the customer service centers located at MRT stations. Here are the step-by-step procedures to apply:

  1. Fill out an application form: Provide basic personal details like name, contact information, address, and passport photo. Select the desired type of pass card.
  2. Submit supporting documents: For stored value and monthly passes, a valid photo ID is required. For concession passes, additional proof like student ID or disability certificate is required.
  3. Pay application fee: A small application fee of around TK 50 needs to be paid.
  4. Card activation: The pass card will be activated and issued on the spot once the application is approved.
  5. Top up card: For stored value cards, travelers need to top up the card with credit at the ticket counters or add value machines before first use. Monthly passes will be activated from the start date specified during application.

Where to Buy and Top Up MRT Pass Cards

Pass cards can be purchased and topped up at the following locations:

  • MRT station customer service centers and ticketing booths
  • Add value machines at MRT stations
  • Approved banks, mobile banking apps and online trasfer
  • Designated sales agents like 7-Eleven outlets
  • MRT mobile app and website

Pass cards can be topped up using cash, debit/credit cards, mobile banking and other digital payments. Concession passes need to be renewed monthly at customer service centers with supporting documents.

Using the MRT Pass Card

  • Tap the pass card on the fare gate scanner for entry and exit.
  • For stored value cards, the fare will be deducted from the remaining balance.
  • Negative balances are not allowed. Top up the card when the balance runs low.
  • Monthly passes will allow unlimited travel for 30 consecutive days from activation.
  • Pass cards are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Damaged, faulty or expired cards can be replaced for a fee at customer service centers.
  • Follow all rules and regulations to avoid card confiscation or penalties.

Important Things to Remember

  • Register the pass card to protect balance in case of loss or theft
  • Always tap the card on fare gate scanners; jumping over gates can lead to confiscation
  • Keep the card in good condition; damaged cards may not work properly
  • Check the expiry date and renew monthly passes on time
  • Store the card safely to avoid misplacement or demagnetization
  • Report lost cards immediately to prevent unauthorized use
  • Refilling regular stored value cards offers slight discount over new purchase

Frequently Asked Questions about MRT Pass Card

Here are some common questions travelers have about MRT pass cards:

  1. How long is the MRT pass card valid for?

Stored value and commemorative cards are valid for 5 years from date of issuance. Monthly passes are valid for 30 consecutive days from activation. Expired cards can be renewed or replaced.

  1. Can I use one pass card for multiple users?

No. MRT pass cards are non-transferable and can only be used by the cardholder. Using someone else's card can lead to confiscation.

  1. Are MRT pass cards refundable?

No, unused value or time on pass cards cannot be refunded or transferred when returned.

  1. What happens if I lose my pass card?

Report lost cards immediately to customer service. The balance can be transferred to a replacement card for a small fee. Registering cards can protect unclaimed balances.

  1. Can I use MRT pass cards on buses?

No, MRT pass cards can only be used for rail services. Separate bus pass cards are needed for bus travel.

  1. How do I qualify for concession pass cards?

You need valid photo ID and supporting documents like student ID, disability certificate or senior citizen ID to prove eligibility for concession fares.

  1. Where can I buy Single Journey pass cards?

Single Journey cards can only be purchased at MRT station counters just before entering fare gates, not in advance.

  1. Can I use MRT pass cards in other cities?

No, the cards are currently only accepted within the Dhaka MRT network. Other cities may have separate transit card systems.


Getting a suited MRT pass card can make travel on Dhaka's new MRT system quicker and more affordable. The pass cards offer great convenience and value, especially for frequent commuters. Hopefully this guide provides useful information on the types of cards available, costs, application process, usage rules, and other key details to get and use MRT pass cards. With the opening of more MRT lines, the cards will become essential for smooth public transit around Bangladesh's bustling capital.

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