Countries that allow to pay you a visit without RT-PCR test

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17 March 2022, 11:23 am

Countries that allow to pay you a visit without RT-PCR test

Many countries across the world have announced the easing of travel restrictions as COVID-19 cases have continued to decline. Many of them even abolished the mandatory RT-PCR test for fully vaccinated travelers to make travel easier.

So, if you are planning an international trip in the next few days, here are some countries for you which allow you to pay a visit without an RT-PCR test.


Bahrain has waived its obligation for pre-departure PCR testing, regardless of vaccination status. While children under the age of six are exempt from testing, vaccinated travelers to the country will have to take a test. However, the unvaccinated people will have to undergo a seven-day quarantine upon arrival.


Egypt has also removed the requirement for RT-PCR testing for fully vaccinated people. According to a report issued by the country, people vaccinated with AstraZeneca and Covishield can now fly to the country without RT-PCR testing. Note that you will have to fill up a health declaration form on site.


Fully vaccinated travelers who have received both doses of the vaccine will no longer be required to undergo PCR testing prior to departure for entry into Lebanon. Notably, they must get a second shot at least six months before their trip. They have to issue their vaccination certificates on the website of the Ministry of Health.


Fully vaccinated travelers from all countries are exempt from RT-PCR testing upon arrival in Turkey. Guests will only be required to fill out a health form 72 hours prior to arrival. Children under 12 years of age are not obligated to be vaccinated.


France has also decided to remove the requirement for RT-PCR testing for fully vaccinated travelers. Until February 12, only those traveling from EU countries to France will be exempt from the RT-PCR test; now travelers from all countries are exempt from testing if they are fully vaccinated. Note that France accepts a certificate of vaccination showing that a second dose has been taken within the last 9 months, and if this is not applicable, travelers will need a booster shot.


Travel restrictions on entry to Norway have also been lifted. However, if you are visiting the Svalbard Islands, you will need to do an RT-PCR test. The vaccinated travelers from all over the world can enter the country without the RT-PCR test.


Croatia has also excluded the requirement for mandatory RT-PCR testing for fully vaccinated individuals. According to reports, Covaxin and Covishield have been authorized to enter the country. Be aware that proof of immunization certificates will be required if they have been vaccinated more than 180 days prior to travel.


As of February 1, people who have recovered from the coronavirus and vaccinated travelers can enter Denmark without undergoing an RT-PCR test from any country. As per the report, all vaccines are approved by the European Medicines Agency or WHO will be accepted by Denmark. Note that vaccinations are marked as valid for 9 months, after which proof of a booster shot will be required.


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